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Our Vision …

ARIOLE ALEI DANCE is dedicated to promoting excellence in the world, through making dance, creativity, and visioning available to - and alive within - all.

"Like carrying a baby loon upon its mother's back", ARIOLE ALEI DANCE aims always to assist others in finding within themselves the magic, the potency, the power, and the fulfillment of their personal potential in service to a more peaceful and inspiring world.

Out of this vision, ARIOLE ALEI DANCE offers … performances, residencies, classes and master classes, workshops including "Dancing Into Ecstasy" ©, yoga, meditation, Question & Answer 'Audience TalkBacks', forums, specially designed performances for school, senior, special needs, & other unique communities, open rehearsals, mentoring, coaching, and keynote speaking.

May Ariole's gift of dance and her passion for inspiring others continue to enrich the lives of people both near and far. J

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