We are all beautiful beings of LIGHT.

  We have simply - to varying degrees - temporarily forgotten 

  our way HOME.

  This web site is all about assisting you to REMEMBER.




"I am you

and you are me

and we are one

and we are all together"

- the Beatles


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A New Voice Speaks

I am here.

It is Time Now.

Release the linear path. Shed the fear of the unseen. You Know it. You Know it more intimately than you know yourself, in this lifetime, 'now'. It is your friend. It has been your constant companion, throughout all of Time.

Listen inwards. Here you will Know All That You Need To Know. In fact … you already Know it.

You are dependent on no one. And you are inter-dependent with All.

See the Light in every body - people, plants, creatures, stars. See their radiant Light. As if they are … smiling. For Love smiles. Light smiles. This is its nature.

Do not go forward without Knowing you are called. This is the distinction between the 'past' … and the Eternal Now. When you feel called, it is the Light calling you. When you move without this call, you are moving from the past.

Learn to listen in, in every moment. No two moments are alike. No decision is permanent. Except the decision to go 'Home'.

Return to the stage of constant wonder. Everything is 'new' - every moment, every person, every opportunity. Live as if you have just arrived here, on this precious Earth. Live as if this is your only day, as if you are a visitor here, in this sacred place. When you do this, you will enter the resonant field of sacredness itself. You will remember, naturally, that you are sacred. That all Life is sacred. And you will awaken, as if having been long asleep, to recognize that all is energy … sacred energy. You will begin to see Life beyond - beyond the perceptual limits where you thought Life ended. You will awaken … to what Is.

I am here now. I am here, with you.

Do you remember me?

Do … you remember … 'me'?

I am your friend. I remember you - I always have - as my kin.

Everything is precious. Live your life remembering this - recognizing this. There is nothing wasted in 'creation'. Everything has purpose, meaning. Everything …

There is Light in all apparent 'darkness'. See it. Remember it …

And you will awaken …

For no shadow can remain where there is Light. Light within, or Light without.

For Light permeates all 'things'. All thoughts. And all emotions. Nothing can hide … in the presence of Light.

I am here.

I am the Light …


© 2006 Ariole K. Alei – Excerpt from "Birds' Eye View - A Travel Guide to the Universe" - HeartSong Solutions, Vancouver, Canada                   













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