Ariole Alei Dance
is dedicated to making art, visioning, and creativity available to all - and alive within all.

"Like carrying a baby loon upon its mother's back", ARIOLE ALEI DANCE aims always to assist others in finding within themselves the magic, the potency, the power, and the fulfillment which they witness in Sharon and her dancers onstage.

Out of this vision, ARIOLE ALEI DANCE offers …

Residencies – custom designed to suit your community. Can include Performance(s), Master Classes, Workshops, Q&A 'TalkBack' sessions with the artists, Yoga, Meditation, “Dancing Into Ecstasy” ©, Community Visioning & Creativity Engaging facilitation. Residencies can be designed to be open to the entire community, from children to seniors.

Classes & Master Classes
- both ballet & contemporary / modern dance are taught, in the context of the repertory of ARIOLE ALEI DANCE.

Workshops - learn improvisational tools, allow the body, the spirit, & the music to lead. Learn how to surrender as an instrument to the art. Discover the sacredness & the power of being a vessel for creativity. Learn how to follow intuition & enter the 'flow'.

"Dancing Into Ecstasy"
© - access your own true potential, release limitations, access grace & inner power. Suitable for people of all ages, including teens & young adults.

- Ariole K. Alei has practiced Yoga daily for 29 years & has taught in England, India, & Canada. An ideal complementary performance tool, Yoga prevents injuries while centering the body & emotions & concentrating the mind. All ages welcome. For experienced & un-experienced Yoga practitioners alike.

- Ariole K. Alei has been Meditating virtually all her life. She teaches Meditation practices as well as leading practitioners into deeply awakening states through Meditation ‘journeys’. Ideal for stress dissolution, calming, clarity, focus, confidence & developing the power of the mind. Beginner sessions are available.

Question & Answer Audience 'TalkBacks' – an intimate opportunity for the public to ask a professional & a mentor anything you're curious about – about dance, training, performing, creating, following your intuition, developing a vision for your life, experiencing 'flow', healing injuries … Highly illuminating & inspiring.

School, Senior, Special Needs, & Unique Communities Performances
- ARIOLE ALEI DANCE believes in making art & the power of artistic expression available to diverse audiences. Please ask for details.

Mentoring & Coaching
- Ariole K. Alei is a gifted, Certified Solution Focused Life Coach, a Psychosomatic Energetics Therapist, a Shamanic Healer, and a generous Mentor of young artists. For adults too! Ask for details.

Keynote Speaking
- an engaging & enigmatic speaker with decades of experience, Ariole K. Alei inspires people to greatness, igniting their passion to live their dreams. Available for groups large & small. Please ask for more details.


May Ariole's gift of dance and her passion for inspiring others continue to enrich the lives of people both far and near … just as it continues to touch and inspire her deeply as an artist and as a human being.

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