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Ariole K. Alei has practiced Yoga daily for 29 years. She initially discovered it as an excellent morning tool for centering – physically, emotionally, and mentally. She came to appreciate it deeply as an injury prevention.

When she ‘temporarily retired’ from dance following her first tour as a solo artist, she knew within that she would dance again. When … she did not know.

It was clear to her that if she maintained her daily Yoga practice, returning to dance could be possible. Without it, it would not be.

Sure enough, 14 years later, she received the ‘inner call’ – the call to dance again. And yes, her daily Yoga practice had kept her body remarkably lithe, resilient, and strong.

Ariole teaches Semi-private Yoga (maximum 6 participants) in her cedar cottage home in south Vancouver. She also teaches workshops in cities on tour.

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Ariole is a ‘natural meditator’, having spontaneously meditated virtually all her life.

She teaches a unique blend of techniques – from a wide variety of traditions – and guided Meditation ‘journeys’. She has a keen intuitive sense, which allows her to respond to the unspoken needs of her students/participants.

She has taught in corporate settings as well as wilderness retreats. She currently teaches in her cedar cottage home in south Vancouver, as well as during workshops while on tour.



Ariole has always been keen to inspire others, with a natural ability to ‘bring out the best’ – in herself and countless others.

She has fortified this innate ability through training as a Certified Solution Focused Coach.  Ariole is gifted with a keen sense of intuition – and a tremendous respect for her clients – giving her an ability to easily, effortlessly assist others to access their clarity, empowerment, and endless inner resources. She is profoundly effective in assisting others to resolve challenging areas in their lives as well as to ignite greater inspiration and satisfaction in areas which are already working well.

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Ariole has a keen and intuitive awareness of subtle energies.  She is a Shamanic Healer as well as a Psychosomatic Energetics Therapist.


Public Workshops

Ariole and her husband Colin Hillstrom ( Veraxis Coaching & Training TM), offer an array of public workshops – on topics including Wellness, Relationship, Leadership, and Success. A highly dynamic facilitating ‘team’, Ariole and Colin ignite clarity and results in the many individuals and groups they work with.

See www.veraxis.net and www.HeartSongSolutions.ca for more details.


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